Hello I’m Advita, a communications professional who is passionate about delivering great comms across organisations. I have worked in-house within the communications sector for the last 12 years in various industries including the NHS, Education, Aviation and Nuclear.

I initially graduated with a degree in IT but I eventually moved into the world of comms and completed my Masters in Strategic Marketing. My experience ranges from supporting organisations to deliver robust engagement strategies to heading up the communications on transformation and change programmes. Most of my roles have included communicating to remote workers so this is one area of interest for me. I’m also enthusiastic about leadership communications and how we can keep working with this population to be advocates of good engagement within their business.

I’m pragmatic and solution focused so there are rarely any problems I can’t find the solution to. I created this blog as I wanted to share my experiences and expand my network with others who have similar interests. I’m currently in the process of completing my Internal Communications Diploma which I undertook as I wanted to expand my knowledge further in my specialist area.

I was recently named in the Northern Power Women Future List, which probably has to be the highlight of my career so far and I’m also the Vice Chair for the Chartered Institute of Public Relations Inside group (CIPR Inside) the Internal Communications committee for CIPR UK.

If you’re looking for some support or just want a chat then you can drop me a note at hello@advitacommunications.co.uk or we can contact via LinkedIn or Twitter where I generally spend most of time!

All Things IC

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